QNX Operating Systems
  • New England Medical Info Day - October 6

    Addressing the challenges of medical device innovation, from concept to market

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  • Shifting to Software – The New Automotive Landscape

    September 28th Webinar - The automotive industry is rapidly shifting gears and accelerating to a software-defined future.

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  • Japan QNX/BlackBerry Technology Solutions Forum

    Addressing the challenges of automotive innovation

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  • Security Webinar - Three Aspects of Security for the Software-Defined car

    Ensuring security as cars become more autonomous

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Join QNX at this German-language convention November 28 to December 2, that focuses exclusively on the challenges in engineering, automotive, medical devices and other electrical systems.


In order for a system to be useful, it needs to interact with the environment and provide some level of functionality.


QNX Auto Blog

For the latest on safe, secure & reliable software for the software-defined future of automotive, please see our corporate blog.